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Free online screen recorder app!

The fastest way to record and capture your screen online. Works on Windows and Mac with no download required. Start your screen capture now, with no limits on time or number of videos. Perfect for recording business meetings, messages to colleagues, explainer videos, video presentations and much, much more! Use our free online screen recorder app with your webcam and microphone to create HD recordings with video and audio. Compatible with all computers, mobile devices and tablets. Simple to use, 1-click screen recording.

Free online screen recorder with no limits

The easiest way to record and capture your screen. Works with Mac and Windows, no software download or plugin required. Start your capture now with no time limit. Perfect for meetings, messages to colleagues, explainer videos, video presentations, and more!

Screenshot of Supernormal showing a Design Team's recorded videos

How to record your screen

Select Screen
If you want to only record your screen. You can also select Screen + Cam to record both at the same time.
Press the blue button!
Press record and select the screen you want to capture. Hit enter and the recording will start after the countdown!
Slack + Google Integrations
Easily share to your colleagues with a link, or directly in Slack.

Every Supernormal is instantly available with a transcript


Simple link sharing
Share your recordings or highlights anywhere and with anyone with a link.
Keep the discussion going with comments, @mentions, and video replies.
Unlimited length
You don't stop working after 45 minutes and neither should we. Capture your full recordings without limits.
Multi-language transcription
Get transcripts for English (US, UK), French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Slack + Google Integrations
One click share to your colleagues via Slack or email.
Works everywhere
Supernormal works wherever you want to record. It even is perfect for meetings on Teams, Zoom, Webex and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the screen recorder?
How do I share the video?
Will I know if people watch it?
How long can I record for?

Easiest way to record your screen

Record your screen online. Works on Mac and Windows. Start recording your screen or cam or both now.

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