Cut unproductive meetings.

Keep your teams more aligned and accountable with automatic information flow and documentation.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Increase the flow of information

Meeting notes with summaries and action items are shared across individuals and teams.

Automatic documentation

Create the habits of documenting key decisions and action items automatically.

Save time, time and again

On average Supernormal users have reported saving five minutes every meeting.

Time back on each meeting

Streamline your workflows.


Add notes to zaps and integrate with third party services.


Add notes to candidate cards automatically in a Q&A format.


Add notes to deals that match a contact in your meeting.


Add notes to deals or contacts matching meeting participants.

Thousands of teams rely on Supernormal

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Dave Irwin, Founder


“Supernormal's transcripts, combined with ChatGPT, have turned me into a 10x developer. I can focus on programming, while the AI takes care of project management. And clients appreciate the concise summaries and transparency they offer.”
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Justin Schafer, Product

Tribe AI

“Supernormal changes everything. It allows me to once more give my full awareness in meetings, enabling radical presence, relevant question asking, and finding flow that was otherwise elusive when note taking. Simply put, Supernormal accelerates creating magic together.”
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Peter Garea, Head of Business Development

Fiat Growth

“Supernormal has transformed how we collaborate and connect with clients. The notes are concise and actionable, making follow-ups seamless. It's an invaluable tool for our business.”
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Carl Hua, Investment Partner & CTO

Shima Capital

“Supernormal has been a game-changer for our team at Shima Capital. Its summarization capabilities, templates, and the potential for custom templates make it an indispensable tool.”
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Rachelle Young, Program Director

The Next Web

“Supernormal has completely transformed the way I approach meetings. It’s a total time saver and has added immense value to my work—and the people I work with.” Logo

Jason Laster, CEO

“Supernormal normalizes remote work and removes meeting FOMO. Within a day, everyone was sharing their notes.”

Get your meetings back on track