Supernormal for Marketing

Photographic meeting memory.

Remember everything while staying more engaged in the conversation.

Save time with automatic note-taking.

Stay in the conversation with clients without the risk of forgetting important information. Supernormal takes notes during your call and in seconds beautifully formatted them. And most importantly, has all the details included.
“Supernormal has completely transformed the way I approach meetings. It’s a total time saver and has added immense value to my work—and the people I work with.”
Rachelle Young

Rachelle Young, Program Director

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Stay on top of to-dos.

Don't let important requests fall through the cracks when they come up in meetings. Supernormal proactively creates action items for you and assigns them to the right team members.

Keep stakeholders in the loop.

Elevate your follow-up skills without any extra work. Supernormal automatically generates meeting notes that are easily shared.

Integrate with existing tools.

Seamlessly flow meeting notes into your favorite tools. Supernormal integrates with hundreds more apps via Zapier, keeping your systems in sync.


Sync notes to an Airtable datatable for client meetings.


Sync notes from your project syncs into your Asana project.


Sync notes to databases to keep teams in sync.


Sync notes from your project syncs into your Monday project.

More than 300,000 teams rely on Supernormal

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