Supernormal for PMs

Project management, perfected.

Keep everyone in sync with smart notes, trackable action items, and seamless syncing with other apps.

Smart. Automated. Personalized.

Stay aligned from meeting to meeting, across projects and teams, with intelligent automated notes.

Format your work, your way

Use premade templates or create your own to format your notes in exactly the way that works for you and your teams.

Prompt for specific notes

Query your notes using AI to find insights then save them to your notes for everyone to see.

“Supernormal allows me to find flow that was otherwise elusive when note taking. Simply put, Supernormal accelerates creating magic together.”
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Justin Schafer, Product

Tribe AI

Track action items across meetings.

Auto-generate action items

Supernormal automatically creates action items from meetings and intelligently assigns them to participants.

Stay on top of your next steps

Quickly discover all of your own action items from meetings in one place.

Stay organized. Automatically.

Instead of sending notes manually to stakeholders and teams, Supernormal shares your notes automatically based on topic and attendees.

Manage other tools seamlessly.

Sync your meeting notes directly with various tracking tools like Asana and Confluence with key insights.


Automatically share notes to a Slack channel.


Sync notes to databases to keep teams in sync.


Sync the action items from your meetings into Asana.


Add notes directly to documentation in Confluence.

See the full picture.

Prepare for the week ahead.

Get a summary of what happened last week with all the major hits. Right in your inbox every Sunday evening.

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