How to Record A Google Meet in 3 steps

Colin Treseler
February 22, 2022
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Many tools exist to help you record your screen - including ones that come pre-installed as screen recorders, but the vast majority of them are clunky to use and certainly don't work well for capturing your meetings.

Supernormal's chrome extension is the #1 meeting recording and note taking tool for Google Meet. Below is our step by step guide to capturing your Google Meet calls.

Can You Record a Google Meet?

Ever wonder why some people can record in Google Meet while others can't? It turns out that your Google Workspace account plan determines whether you can record or not. Your administrator needs to enable it and your account needs to be a professional account or above.

Wait a minute! With Supernormal's chrome extension, you can record all your Google Meets for free, with an unlimited recording length. Any google account or meeting attendee can record with Supernormal.

When to Record your Google Meet Call

The benefits of recording your meetings are clear, especially in the post-pandemic world where communication has changed drastically. The workplace has changed and you’re now dealing with a global talent pool. Staying connected and sharing information is essential to maximize efficiency and to keep projects moving forward. Don’t let the lack of an office space hold back your team.

What are some of the things you can do with your Google Meet notes by Supernormal?

  • Capture action items – help keep everyone on track by collecting action items and documenting outcomes from your conversation.
  • Share critical information– Highlight and bookmark key moments in meetings as they happen, and save teammates the effort of trying to dig through meetings that they missed.
  • Important Sales Calls – Impress your prospective clients with well formulated notes that include a full recording and transcript after your conversation. Make sure you capture the voice of the customer and share it with your team.

Keep the team on the same page– Bring everyone together and make sure that key moments and ideas are communicated clearly. Turn hour long calls into three minutes of highlights automatically with Supernormal.

How to Record Your Google Meet calls with Supernormal

A step-by-step tutorial on how to record your Google Meet using Supernormal

After you install the Supernormal Chrome Extension, here's how to record your meeting: 

  1. Launch the Supernormal chrome extension and sign in. If you can't find the extension, it may be behind the 🧩 in the top right of your browser.
  1. Choose your microphone. If you are wearing headphones, make sure to enable capture audio.

  1. Click Start Recording
  1. Take Notes - this is where it gets fun! Whenever an important moment happens in your meeting, just click on an action button to capture that part of the meeting.
  1. To Stop recording, just end your meeting. You can do so either by closing the browser tab or ending the call. The moment you end your call, a new browser tab will open up with your meeting recording and notes.