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How To Record A Meeting

Meetings are ubiquitous in modern work. While they provide needed face time for collaboration and decision-making, they also eat up work hours. In fact, some executives spend over 23 hours a week in meetings. Smart teams are turning to AI services like Supernormal to record meetings to maximize meeting ROI.

Recording meetings unlocks game-changing benefits: automated transcriptions, searchability, insight extraction, referenceability, and engagement. Read on to learn how Supernormal makes meeting recording seamless. We'll also explore top reasons to hit record on your next meeting.

Recording with Supernormal

Supernormal offers a frictionless way to record meetings via our AI notetaker. The notetaker joins your meetings and handles everything automatically.

To get started:

  1. Sign up for a Supernormal Business plan using your work email.
  2. Connect your calendar so Supernormal can access your meetings.
  3. If you’re using Google Meet for meetings download the Chrome extension so Supernormal can join automatically.
  4. Turn on Record audio and video in your Account Settings.
  5. Adjust your other preferences like automatic sharing and your bot name.

That's it! The Supernormal notetaker will now join your meetings and record audio and video. Your recording will also include detailed notes with a transcript, summary, and action items. Read on for ways to maximize the value of your AI meeting notes and recordings.

Share Searchable Transcripts

Once Supernormal records a meeting, automated transcripts are generated using advanced speech-to-text. These provide a searchable record of exactly what was discussed. Transcripts can be referenced later when following up on action items, revisiting decisions, gathering context, or onboarding new team members. Search makes it easy to find key points.

Supernormal lets you share transcripts with other participants or keep them private. You can toggle sharing permissions in your Account Settings based on your meeting sensitivity.

Extract Highlights and Insights

In addition to detailed transcripts, Supernormal's AI notetaker also shares notes after each meeting. These notes pull out the important discussion points, decisions, and action items from the meeting so you don’t have to search through the transcript. Notes are fully customizable and can be formatted based on type of meeting and you can prompt them for specific insights and questions to create new sections with precisely the information you’re looking for.

Maintain Searchable Meeting Records

Recordings capture important organizational knowledge discussed in meetings. This information often slipped away in the past. With Supernormal transcripts and recordings, it's now searchable and referenceable. Enable meeting recordings to build a knowledge base over time. Search records to uncover past conversations, decisions, and context. Supernormal makes meeting data just as useful and long-lasting as the other kinds of data we use in our day-to-day work.

Boost Accountability with Action Items Tracking

Supernormal's automated notes make it easy to extract action items from meetings and follow up on them. With assigned tasks tracked and visible, team members stay accountable. Important work that emerged in meetings gets completed. No more dropped balls after meetings!

Reasons to Record Your Meetings

Now that you know how Supernormal makes recording meetings easy, let's explore some of the top reasons to hit record:

  • Accountability: Distribute recordings to stakeholders so everyone stays aligned on what happened and knows what they need to do.
  • Clarity: Revisiting recordings reduces miscommunications. With an exact transcript, there's no fuzzy recollections or hearsay.
  • Learning: Meeting recordings create searchable databases of organizational knowledge. Enable learning by allowing teams to reference past conversations.
  • Measurement: Access data like talking time metrics to understand participation. Recordings provide insights to evaluate and improve meetings.
  • Compliance: For regulated industries, recording meetings helps maintain compliance by providing detailed documentation.
  • Onboarding: Get new hires up to speed faster by sharing past meeting recordings. Contextual understanding speeds up ramp time.
  • Autonomy: Absent team members can get caught up on meetings themselves by reading transcripts afterward. Keep them in the loop without taking even more time from others.

In summary, Supernormal provides a frictionless way to record meetings via our automated AI notetaker. Easy setup, searchable transcripts, smart summaries, and action item tracking unlock major benefits for productivity and engagement.

The reasons to hit record on meetings are compelling: improved accountability, clarity, learning, measurement, compliance, onboarding, and absence coverage. Prioritize meeting ROI by using Supernormal to capture your critical conversations.

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