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Record Microsoft Teams meetings with Supernormal for Mac. Free and easy.

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Free recorder for Microsoft Teams

Try our awesome new Teams meeting recording app for free. Supernormal for Mac easily captures your Microsoft Teams meetings. Just click to add highlights during the call and we'll add them to your notes.  Perfect for internal and external meetings, whether it is a team sync or sales call. Instantly share your recording with link, email or use our integrations to send it to your CRM, ATS, or Slack.

How to Record a Teams Meeting

1. Install Supernormal for Mac
Supernormal for Mac is a free desktop app that captures your meetings.
2. Join a Teams call
Join any Teams meeting. You don't have to be the host to record.
3. Start Recording
Supernormal detects when you join a Teams meeting and our recording control panel will appear on the right side of your screen. Click 'Start Recording'.

Communicate faster with Highlights

Supernormal records your Teams call and enables you to capture highlights. Highlights are short clips of the most important moments in your call.

Screenshot of Supernormal showing a Design Team's recorded videos

Instantly shareable recordings

Your Teams meeting recording comes with a full recording, transcript, and organized highlights. Share with colleagues via link, email, or our other integrations.

Screenshot of Supernormal showing a Design Team's recorded videos

Every Supernormal is instantly available with a transcript


Simple link sharing
Share your recordings or highlights anywhere and with anyone with a link.
Keep the discussion going with comments, @mentions, and video replies.
Unlimited length
You don't stop working after 45 minutes and neither should we. Capture your full recordings without limits.
Multi-language transcription
Get transcripts for English (US, UK), French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Slack + Google Integrations
One click share to your colleagues via Slack or email.
Works everywhere
Supernormal works wherever you want to record. It even is perfect for meetings on Teams, Zoom, Webex and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Record Microsoft Teams Meeting
Can I record as an attendee?
Will a bot join the meeting?
Can I use Supernormal on Windows?

Easiest way to record Microsoft Teams

Record your Teams meeting with a full transcript and highlights. Instantly share to colleagues by link, email, or CRM

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